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Steve Jobs explaining my PhD program

Steve Jobs explains my resume in one graphic. Seth Godin also has a pretty good summary in this blog post.

Welcome–you’ve made your way to the URL with my name in it. I’m honored you’d take a minute with this part of my digital footprint.

I’m in the final days of my doctoral work at North Carolina State University, where I’ve earned a PhD in Communication, Rhetoric, & Digital Media. My dissertation project was focused on digital activism and online deliberation. I want to sit down and talk things through and then get up and make them happen.

I plan to graduate in May 2014 and then obtain a full time position working on projects that advance the cause of public engagement via digital media tools.

Feel free to check out a bit about my work as a researcher, writer, and interwebster. If you’re considering employing my services and would like to see a resume, here it is.

I’m not all research and analysis, though. I’ve worked on one State Senate race and two City Council campaigns, pioneering the use of NationBuilder for local candidates. I also developed a “social media ambassadors” initiative, which brought in 70+ digital-based volunteers, and a google+ hangout strategy that led to six Hangouts on Air, hundreds of views, and a victory for the candidate.

I’ve also worked on a foundation‘s innovative digital engagement project that has seen some great successes. Specifically, I designed a process that increased the count of high quality comments on a news site from 6 to 106. You can read about that here. I’ve also edited my PhD program’s blog, authoring 62 blog posts, two new recurring series, four infographics, and one CRDM grad employment map. I’ve taught ~20 university-level writing courses (first-year writing, persuasive writing, digital satire, advanced writing, argumentation/advocacy), graded thousands of papers, hundreds of speeches, and can boast about earning the prestigious Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching.

I’m done some other things, including serving as the VP of an international nonprofit, but I’d imagine you’d rather just look at my resume than keep on reading these rambles.